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Thank you for visiting Riverside Nursery's homeowner website.   Riverside Native Trees is the commercial, landscape contractor and land reclamation side of the nursery.  Riverside Nursery is a wholesale nursery that is open to the public by appointment only.  We would welcome a visit by you so please call or email for an appointment.  We're very proud of our trees and we look forward to showing them to you and talking about your landscape needs.

Riverside Nursery in Delaware, OH specializes in growing trees native to Ohio from locally collected seeds.  Native trees are best adapted to growing in the soils and climatic extremes of central Ohio while withstanding disease and insect pests. 
Our trees can be found throughout central Ohio in residential, commercial, river bank restoration, and other land reclamation applications.  We grow our trees in patented containers to develop the best root possible.   This ensures a tree with a healthy start for you.  We collect seeds in the summer and fall and plant them at the proper time.  We then select the most vigorous seedlings to become your trees.

Tree 101 Taking the Mystery out of Growing Trees

Tree 101 is an ambitious effort designed by Riverside Nursery to help educate homeowners about trees. When you match the right tree with the correct placement in your landscape the result is a beautiful addition to your property that increases its value. Sometimes it's not as easy as just dropping the tree in a hole and expecting it to grow. Learning what is best for your trees will help them reach their potential more quickly.

How We Grow: Concentrate on the Root

Riverside Nursery grows trees in patented, specially designed containers that promote root growth. The root is the single most important part of the tree since without it the tree grows poorly or dies. We concentrate on growing a tremendous root FIRST. From the very first days after germination we are working on creating a fibrous root.  If you grow a good root then the top growth cannot help but follow with strong branching, good color and rapid growth.  When you get it right it can really be something to see.  We've had Red Oaks grow 12" in nine days and Chinkapin Oaks grow 24" in two weeks.  This would not be possible without a great root system

Landscaping with Native Trees

Landscaping with native trees offer gardeners and homeowners many beautiful options to accent their yards. From the first purple leaves of Bur Oaks in the spring to the brilliant red leaves of Black Gum in fall native trees are outstanding choices to enhance the home landscape. At Riverside Nursery we collect seeds from local trees to provide the best adapted trees to the central Ohio area. Our parent trees are large, old, and well shaped. These traits are passed on in the seeds we grow for you.

The Measure of Success

At Riverside Nursery our measure of a successful tree is in how large it gets and how old it becomes. Ultimately, how the tree is grown now will determine it success 40, 50 or 300  years from now. The key is in the roots. Grow a great root and it will be reflected in the rapid growth and establishment of the tree in your landscape.  We take great care in growing the best root possible because without it the tree will not grow to its potential.  At every stage of development our trees are root pruned to develop a fibrous, mop-like root with countless root tips for water and nutrient uptake.  We measure establishment of a tree in a matter of weeks not months or years.  That's because our roots quickly invade new soil to establish and anchor the tree and with all the new root growth dry spells or droughts are less problematic.



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